Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate each & every one of you & your support over the last several years. Much has changed for me over the years since I dropped a few hives at the dairy to provide pollination for the guys at Cha Bella. All of you have played an integral part in the progress I’ve made with the apiary & I thank you all!

Honeybees trained to detect cancer!

This is the most astonishing thing I have ever heard approximately the honeybee! I had head of a dog that a Japanese scientist had found at a shelter that was able to detect cancer cells by smell. If I remember correctly, he had identified that a gene she possessed allowed for this. Alas, she was spayed by the shelter so he was not able to breed her. This solves that problem!



CCD related to bee genetics? Where have I heard THAT before?

I’ve said it a MILLION times! The health of your colonies all comes down to your queens. I breed my queens in the apiary where they are utilized & select for survivor colonies & specific desired traits. Do I experience issues with colony losses? NEVER! Yes, it takes work, & yes it takes a little science & even a little math (which Jason Allred should leave to the professionals) yet it is well worth the effort!


Black Widdah…

Found a little friend hiding under a bottom board a few weeks ago.  These spiders LOVE honeybees.  She was massive & had a rather large egg sack that she was protecting.  Remember to wear gloves or be very careful reaching up under your hives!


Back to Business

So I looked up this morning & realized that it has been over six months since I’ve had/taken the time to obtain a blog post written. Such is life. Alot can happen in half a year, & alot has! Junior year of Dental School has a reputation of being one of the most difficult, exhausting & demanding challenges that a person can experience. Having been through that grinder I can concur! But as things with school wind down my commitment to my bees is again becoming more of a focus & many tremendous things have been happening in the Apiary; just an overview for now & I’ll spend some time getting more in depth later. I have started queen rearing again & will be having queens & nucs available in the spring; I’ve expanded the yard accordingly & have added another dozen working hives. I’v moreover been experimenting with a new rearing method & have had tremendous success; I’ll make an extensive post as I go back into rearing this coming Spring. Harvest went well this past season, 16 buckets from 10 working hives! The book is coming along; I have an outline pretty well established & a few chapters fleshed out; if you’ve never used Dragon software to write you should try it; it’s been key to getting that far! The intermediate/advanced beekeeping class is still in the works. Given my schedule the next year & the effect the seasons have on the bees activity & productivity it makes sense to me to start the course just after harvest in July or August & run through the following year. At least this is what seems to make the most sense as I finalize getting the lessons written & the course organized. So my apologies for putting the blog on the furthest back burner; I’ve been a busy little bee. This semester is the edge of the cliff, once we complete finals December 10th the course load falls of substantially & we spend the majority of our remaining months here in clinic. Look forward to my bee-life returning to normal; I certainly do!