Savannah Botanical Gardens Rose Festival and Crafts Fair

I’ll be changing it up this weekend & setting up a booth at the Savannah Botanical Gardens. This is their first annual Rose Festival & Crafts Fair & I’m one of only 20 lucky exhibitors that will be attending! I’ll be selling some Gallberry Honey that was collected up the road in Effingham County.

Don’t forget that this Saturday is moreover the Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival at Forsyth Park. The chalk art is astonishing with the SCAD & Savannah Arts Academy students showing up to create some astonishing sidewalk murals! The weather is looking tremendous so it will be a fine weekend to be outside taking it all in!

Earth Day Tomorrow!!

The annual Earth Day Festival will be held at Forsyth Park tomorrow. The Farmers Market will be open yet we will not be in our normal space. Look for us just North of the tennis courts, along the central walkway yet facing toward Drayton Avenue. I have creamed honey back in stock & will have a limited number of cut comb honey in Ross rounds. It looks like I will be sold out for the season after tomorrow so I will see you all again in August!!

Update on Nucs

I am currently sold out of nucs & am taking orders for May delivery. As of today I have dates open for May !8th & May 25th, which will be the final dates for Spring. Depending on my schedule I may not have nucs available this Fall. I’ll have a better idea closer to the end of July & will post info here on my blog & will moreover place a ad in Farmers & Consumers if I am going to be able to have Fall nucs this year.

Forsyth Farmers Market, Saturday April 13th

Lucky April 13th! I’ll be at the FFM this Saturday. I’m nearly sold out of creamed honey yet should have more packaged in approximately 2 weeks. If you’d like some reserved for you please Email Me & I can reserve some for you. Due to supply & demand I will only be packaging it in 4 ounce & 8 ounce mason jars from here forward.

See you Saturday!

UBER Bee!!

I have had several request to share my recipe for UBER Bee & have finally caved!  Enjoy & may your bees be UBER too!


8-10 cups sugar

40-50 drops Lemongrass oil

40-50 drops Spearmint oil

30-40 drops White Thyme oil

2-3 tablespoons Lecithin


Fill a gallon container roughly half full with sugar (8-10 cups).  Fill approximately 2 cups short of topping off with boiling water, shake well to completely dissolve the sugar & let sit overnight or until at room temperature.  Place approximately 2 cups of water in a small sauce pan & heat on high until just before boiling.  Reduce the heat to medium & add the lecithin.  Keep at a very low boil, stirring constantly, until the lecithin is completely dissolved.  Remove from heat & allow to rad for half an hour.  Add the dissolved lecithin to the gallon container of sugar water & shake to mix fully.  Add the essential oils, shake again.  Keep refrigerated & shake vigorously before using.  Add this mixture to your sugar water feed in a roughly one to two ounces per gallon ratio,.


Lecithin & the essential oils can be found in most health food store.  Lecithin acts as an emulsifier to bind the essential oils & can be usually purchased in small quantities & is usually processed into small yellow beads. It must be kept refrigerated.  The essential oils are volatile & will evaporate quite easily so be sure that your mixture is room temp before you add them.  I’ve added photos so you have a visual to go on.  If you are in the Savannah area these ingredients can be purchased at Brighter Day Natural Foods at the end of Forsyth Park.

A small beg like this as approximately $2 & will last several years.

Lecithin granules as they come in bulk.Lemongrass, Spearmint & White Thyme oils