Biggest Honey Packer in US Admits to Laundering Honey

I came across this article by NPR today.  It’s well worth the read.  Until the USDA steps in & requires that honey contains pollen to be classified & labeled as Honey this will continue.  Pollen content is the only way that we have to track the origin of the honey we are consuming.

I agree with the argument that once the USDA makes this step it will merely create a market for pollen, which the Chinese will then purchase & dump into their filtered honey to cheat the pollen samples tests.  However, most of that pollen would need to originate from the US, Canada, Australia or one of the EU countries; all of which could easily control the production & exports of pollen through their ports.

Give the article a read & let me know what you think.



Farmer’s Market is on the Saturday

I will be at the Forsyth Farmers Market this Saturday, March 30th.  Looks like Spring will finally be here this weekend so it will be a attractive day to be at the park!


Nucs for sale!!

I’ll be having a limited number of Nucs for sale again this year. They are 5 frame mediums & at a minimum include 2 frames of eggs/brood, one frame of honey & one frame of mixed honey & pollen & come with a mated & laying hygenic queen. I can put them together any way you want yet here are the main options & prices:

5 frames Nuc in transport box: $90.
10 frame Nuc in transport box: $150.
5 frame garden hive: $110.
10 frame garden hive: $175.

Transport boxes are wax coated cardboard & these nucs are for instillation into your own wooden ware hives.
Garden hives are 5 frame wooden ware with screened bottom board & migratory cover.

As with the previous years these are for pick up ONLY, the quantity is limited & first come (i.e. paid deposit), first served!

Call with questions! 912.596.1208

DREAM Project Foundation The Taste of Art benefit

Please visit us on Tuesday, March 26th from 6-10 p.m. at the DREAM Project Foundation The Taste of Art benefit. The event is being hosted by Leoci’s Trattoria & includes a silent auction, wine & hors d’oeuvres tastings, honey tasting by us, a tea tasting by Yaupon & a live performance by The Accomplices. The DREAM Project Foundation is an American non-profit organization aiming to assist end human trafficking through community development & aid. Art work has been donated by some of Savannah’s finest & there will moreover be pieces from artists living in the DREAM house in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

You can find info & buy tickets here.

FFM this Saturday!

I will be at the Forsyth Farmers Market this Saturday. It’s going to be unseasonably chilly so bundle up!

Anne Boleyn…

Most of the time I’m in the yard alone & don’t take the time to grab the camera & grab some pictures, yet today was an exception. It’s not always that you find a queen who isn’t shy & will stay on the frame long enough for me to obtain the camera out & take some satisfactory pics.

Big fat queen!

Big fat queen!

Yes, I name them all Anne Boleyn… make me babies or I chop your head off!