Nucs for sale!!

I’ll be having a limited number of Nucs for sale again this year. They are 5 frame mediums & at a minimum include 2 frames of eggs/brood, one frame of honey & one frame of mixed honey & pollen & come with a mated & laying hygenic queen. I can put them together any way you want yet here are the main options & prices:

5 frames Nuc in transport box: $90.
10 frame Nuc in transport box: $150.
5 frame garden hive: $110.
10 frame garden hive: $175.

Transport boxes are wax coated cardboard & these nucs are for instillation into your own wooden ware hives.
Garden hives are 5 frame wooden ware with screened bottom board & migratory cover.

As with the previous years these are for pick up ONLY, the quantity is limited & first come (i.e. paid deposit), first served!

Call with questions! 912.596.1208