Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate each & every one of you & your support over the last several years. Much has changed for me over the years since I dropped a few hives at the dairy to provide pollination for the guys at Cha Bella. All of you have played an integral part in the progress I’ve made with the apiary & I thank you all!

Black Widdah…

Found a little friend hiding under a bottom board a few weeks ago.  These spiders LOVE honeybees.  She was massive & had a rather large egg sack that she was protecting.  Remember to wear gloves or be very careful reaching up under your hives!


Back to Business

So I looked up this morning & realized that it has been over six months since I’ve had/taken the time to obtain a blog post written. Such is life. Alot can happen in half a year, & alot has! Junior year of Dental School has a reputation of being one of the most difficult, exhausting & demanding challenges that a person can experience. Having been through that grinder I can concur! But as things with school wind down my commitment to my bees is again becoming more of a focus & many tremendous things have been happening in the Apiary; just an overview for now & I’ll spend some time getting more in depth later. I have started queen rearing again & will be having queens & nucs available in the spring; I’ve expanded the yard accordingly & have added another dozen working hives. I’v moreover been experimenting with a new rearing method & have had tremendous success; I’ll make an extensive post as I go back into rearing this coming Spring. Harvest went well this past season, 16 buckets from 10 working hives! The book is coming along; I have an outline pretty well established & a few chapters fleshed out; if you’ve never used Dragon software to write you should try it; it’s been key to getting that far! The intermediate/advanced beekeeping class is still in the works. Given my schedule the next year & the effect the seasons have on the bees activity & productivity it makes sense to me to start the course just after harvest in July or August & run through the following year. At least this is what seems to make the most sense as I finalize getting the lessons written & the course organized. So my apologies for putting the blog on the furthest back burner; I’ve been a busy little bee. This semester is the edge of the cliff, once we complete finals December 10th the course load falls of substantially & we spend the majority of our remaining months here in clinic. Look forward to my bee-life returning to normal; I certainly do!

Update on Nucs

I am currently sold out of nucs & am taking orders for May delivery. As of today I have dates open for May !8th & May 25th, which will be the final dates for Spring. Depending on my schedule I may not have nucs available this Fall. I’ll have a better idea closer to the end of July & will post info here on my blog & will moreover place a ad in Farmers & Consumers if I am going to be able to have Fall nucs this year.

DREAM Project Foundation The Taste of Art benefit

Please visit us on Tuesday, March 26th from 6-10 p.m. at the DREAM Project Foundation The Taste of Art benefit. The event is being hosted by Leoci’s Trattoria & includes a silent auction, wine & hors d’oeuvres tastings, honey tasting by us, a tea tasting by Yaupon & a live performance by The Accomplices. The DREAM Project Foundation is an American non-profit organization aiming to assist end human trafficking through community development & aid. Art work has been donated by some of Savannah’s finest & there will moreover be pieces from artists living in the DREAM house in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

You can find info & buy tickets here.

Anne Boleyn…

Most of the time I’m in the yard alone & don’t take the time to grab the camera & grab some pictures, yet today was an exception. It’s not always that you find a queen who isn’t shy & will stay on the frame long enough for me to obtain the camera out & take some satisfactory pics.

Big fat queen!

Big fat queen!

Yes, I name them all Anne Boleyn… make me babies or I chop your head off!